Pocket ByteCalc 2003 for Pocket PC

Programmer's calculator that enables you to work out all those constants, bit-masks and addresses for your latest software project.
Pocket ByteCalc 2003


Pocket ByteCalc 2003 by: Logical Instrumentation Limited, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003

About Pocket ByteCalc 2003

ByteCalc is a programmer's calculator that enables you to perform integer calculations in Binary, Decimal, Hex and ASCII. As well as allowing you to enter data in any radix (number base), ByteCalc simultaneously translates and displays your results on-screen in Binary, Decimal, Hex and ASCII.ByteCalc thinks big - unusually for an integer calculator ByteCalc enables you to work with word lengths up to a full 64-bits. And it has a long memory too - in fact ByteCalc automatically remembers your last 50 calculations while you work, & allows you to recall and use any of those results.ByteCalc supports a full range of integer maths functions. As well as basic arithmetic, ByteCalc enables you to perform modulo arithmetic, bit-wise logic, arithmetic and logical shift & rotate, increment & decrement, binary log & exponent, nybble byte & word swap. To help you work with ASCII characters ByteCalc contains a built-in ASCII table, and functions to translate the case of ASCII characters. You can even convert numbers to Binary Coded Decimal.Main features:
  • Enter data in Binary, Decimal, Hex and ASCII radix.
  • Simultaneously calculates and displays results in Binary, Decimal, Hex and ASCII format.
  • Supports word sizes up to 64-bit.
  • Large memory - automatically stores your last 50 calculations for review. Recall results and use them in new calculations.
  • Enter data from the calculator keypad or use the Pocket PC keyboard or transcriber.
  • Copy and Paste results from the clipboard.
  • Display numbers as signed or unsigned integers.
  • Full range of integer maths functions, bit-wise logic, data manipulation, and ASCII character support.
  • Maths functions - add, subtract, multiply, divide, modulo, change sign.
  • Bit-wise logic functions - not, and, inclusive & exclusive or.
  • Data manipulation functions - increment, decrement, arithmetic and logical shift, rotate, convert to Binary Coded Decimal, swap nybbles bytes or words.
  • Binary functions - logarithm and power of two.
  • ASCII functions - convert to upper or lower case
  • Input ASCII characters from keyboard or transcriber, etc.
  • Pick characters from the built-in ASCII table.
  • Enter ASCII characters with bit 7 set or clear.
Free Trial VersionDownload the free trial version today. The trial version is identical to the full product version. The trial version will operate with full functionality for a period of 14 days from the date of installation. After 14 days the functionality of the trial version will be reduced.Product RegistrationWhen you purchase & download the full product you will be given a unique Registration Code. Select the Registration dialog from the Tools menu and enter your Registration Code.  Free Technical SupportInstallation assistance and first level customer support and problem resolution are provided by Handango.Help - The product includes a full Help system. Please refer to the Help system in the first instance.When you purchase this product you become entitled to free technical support by email. In the event that you experience technical problems using the product, please send an email to support@logi.co.uk with details of your name, product & version, and a full description of the problem. Ideally you should explain how to reproduce the problem. We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holiday periods. If you have identified a genuine defect in the software then we will make reasonable efforts to correct the defect. If we are unable to correct the defect promptly then we will endeavour to provide you with a work-around.Free UpdatesWhen you purchase the full version of this product you are entitled to free maintenance updates for that version of the product.Compatible Devices/Operating SystemPocket ByteCalc has been designed  to work on any Pocket PC running Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003. Pocket ByteCalc has been tested on the following platforms: HP iPAQ h2210, Dell Axum, Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003.

Pocket ByteCalc 2003, compatible Devices

Acer n10, Dell Axim X3, Dell Axim X30, Dell Axim X3i, HP iPAQ h1930/1940/1945, HP iPAQ h2210/2215, HP iPAQ h4150/4155, Toshiba e350 Series, Toshiba e750 Series

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