Encyclopedia of Philosophy - FREE 3 chapters in the trial version. for Pocket PC

Boost Your grades with this illustrated comprehensive quick-study guide. Navigate from TOC or search for words or phrases. FREE 3 chapters in the trial version.
Encyclopedia of Philosophy - FREE 3 chapters in the trial version.

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Encyclopedia of Philosophy - FREE 3 chapters in the trial version. by: MobileReference, last updated: 03/12/2007

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About Encyclopedia of Philosophy - FREE 3 chapters in the trial version.

Boost Your grades with this illustrated comprehensive quick-study guide. Navigate from TOC or search for words or phrases. FREE 3 chapters in the trial version.AudienceIntended for everyone interested in Philosophy, particularly undergraduate and graduate students.Features
  • Clear and concise explanations.
  • Search for words or phrases.
  • Comprehensive Glossary.
Table of Contents
  • I. Introduction
  • II. Branches of Philosophy
  • III. Schools of Thoughts
  • IV. Political Philosophy
  • V. Ancient Philosophy
  • VI. Medieval Philosophy
  • VII. Modern Philosophy
  • List of Philosophers
  • Glossary
I. IntroductionIntroduction: Western philosophy | Philosophical doctrines | Ethics and political philosophy in the West | Applied philosophy | Eastern philosophy | African philosophyEastern and Western Philosophy: Eastern | WesternHistory of Western Philosophy: Ancient | Medieval | Modern | 19th to mid-20th century | List of western philosophersII. Branches of PhilosophyMetaphysics | Epistemology | Ethics | Logic | AestheticsIII. Schools of ThoughtsAnalytic Philosophy | Aristotelianism | Classical Marxism | Continental philosophy | Cynics | Deconstructionism | Deism | Deontology | Dialectical materialism | Dualism | Eclecticism | Empiricism | Epicureanism | Existentialism | Feminism | German idealism | Hedonism | Hegelianism | Hermeneutics | Historical materialism | Humanism | Idealism | Kantianism | Logical Positivism | Marxism | Materialism | Monism | Neoplatonism | Nihilism | Objectivism | Ordinary Language | Phenomenology | Platonism | Positivism | Post-modernism | Post-structuralism | Pragmatism | Presocratic | Rationalism | Realism | Relativism | Scholasticism | Skepticism | Sophism | Stoicism | Structuralism | Transcendentalism | Utilitarianism | Virtue EthicsIV. Political PhilosophyPolitical Philosophy: History | Contemporary political philosophy | Influential political philosophers | Aristocracy | Meritocracy | Monarchy | Tyrany | Oligarchy | Plutocracy | Democracy | Humanism | Liberalism | Utilitarianism | Communitarianism | Feudalism | Capitalism | Fascism | Marxism | Communism | Despotism | Anarchism | SyndicalismV. Ancient PhilosophyAncient Philosophy: Western | Indian | Old Iranian | ChineseGreek philosophy: Pre-Socratic philosophy
Milesian school: Thales | Anaximander | Anaximenes of Miletus
Pythagoreanism: Pythagoras | Philolaus | Alcmaeon | Archytas | Timaeus
Ephesian School: Heraclitus
Eleatic School: Xenophanes | Parmenides | Zeno of Elea | Melissus of Samos
Pluralist School: Anaxagoras | Empedocles
Atomist School: Leucippus | Democritus
Sophism: Protagoras | Gorgias | Prodicus | Hippias | Diogenes of Apollonia | Pherecydes
Socrates: Socratic method | Socratic dialogue
Plato: Platonic idealism | Platonic realism | Middle Platonism | Platonic epistemology | Platonic doctrine of recollection | Theory of forms
AristotleHellenistic Philosophy: Cynicism | Epicureanism | Hedonism | Eclecticism | Skepticism | Stoicism | SophismNeoplatonism: Ammonius Saccas | Plotinus | Hypatia of Alexandria | Iamblichus of Chalcis | Proclus | Hierocles of Alexandria | Simplicius of Cilicia | DamasciusVI. Medieval PhilosophyPhilosophy: Scholasticism | Supposition theory | Renaissance of the 12th centuryPhilosophers: Anselm of Canterbury - Ontological argument | Roscellinus - Nominalism | Peter Abelard | Avicenna | Averroes | Maimonides | Saint Thomas Aquinas | William of Ockham - Occam's razorVII. Modern PhilosophyRationalism: Dualism | Materialism | René Descartes | Baruch Spinoza | Gottfried Leibniz | Immanuel KantEmpiricism: John Locke | George Berkeley | David HumeAge of Enlightenment: Deism | Baron de Montesquieu | Voltaire | Jean-Jacques Rousseau | Denis DiderotImmanuel Kant: Philosophy | Theory of perception | Moral philosophy | Aesthetic philosophy | Political philosophy German Idealism: Jacobi | Fichte | Hegel | Schelling | Schopenhauer (critic) | FeuerbachMarxism: Classical Marxism | Historical materialism | Karl Marx | Friedrich EngelsExistentialism: Kierkegaard | Nietzsche | Jaspers | Heidegger | Husserl | Sartre | Camus | Beauvoir | Merleau-Ponty | FoucaultAmerican Transcendentalism: Ralph Waldo Emerson | Henry David Thoreau | Margaret FullerPragmatism: Charles Peirce | William James | John DeweyAnalytic Philosophy: Gottlob Frege - Axiomatic predicate logic | Bertrand Russell - Theory of descriptions | Ludwig Wittgenstein - Philosophical Investigations | George Edward Moore - Ethical non-naturalism | Kurt Gödel - Incompleteness theorem | Alfred North Whitehead - Process philosophy | Vienna Circle - Logical positivism | W.V. Quine - Two Dogmas of EmpiricismStructuralism: Ferdinand de Saussure | Claude Lévi-Strauss | Jacques Lacan | Michel Foucault | Louis AlthusserPost-structuralism: Jacques Derrida | Michel Foucault | Julia KristevaMore Titles by MobileReference:TRAVEL GUIDES AND PHRASEBOOKS: FREE 20 Language Phrasebook | New York | Paris | London | Amsterdam | Boston | Miami | Chicago | Greece | Israel | Montreal | US National Parks | more...- Search keywords mobilereference and travelMEDICINE: Human Anatomy and Physiology | Human Nervous System | Pharmacology | Neurophysiology | Neurochemistry | Biochemistry | Cell Biology | Medical Abbreviations and Terminology | Acupressure Guide | more...- Search keyword mobilereferenceHEALTH: FREE Hangover Remedy | Acupressure Guide | First Aid Guide | Headache Remedy | more...- Search keyword soundtellsSCIENCE: FREE Periodic Table of Elements | Human Anatomy and Physiology | Human Nervous System | Neurophysiology | Neurochemistry | Biochemistry | Biology | Cell Biology | Chemistry | Organic Chemistry | more...- Search keyword mobilereferenceHISTORY: Art History Guide | Greek and Roman Mythology | American Presidents | World Religions | U.S. History | European History | more...- Search keyword mobilereference

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