LingvoSoft English-Spanish FlashCards 2007 for Pocket PC for Pocket PC

LingvoSoft English-Spanish FlashCards for Pocket PC with 5 absolutely new, effective and absorbing language-learning games.
LingvoSoft English-Spanish FlashCards 2007 for Pocket PC

Version: 3.6.34

LingvoSoft English-Spanish FlashCards 2007 for Pocket PC by: LingvoSoft, last updated: 31/01/2007

Requirements: Windows Mobile Version 5.0, RAM: 3 MB main application,1 MB for the databases,TrueType font 3-5 MB

About LingvoSoft English-Spanish FlashCards 2007 for Pocket PC

LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Spanish 2007 for Pocket PC is the easy way to study a foreign language - anytime, anywhere. Offering a choice between 5 engaging and effective games, it turns learning into an enjoyable pastime. Considered the most reliable way to memorize thousands of new words, LingvoSoft FlashCards software is the first choice of students, parents and teachers alike. Once installed on your handheld device you will be ready to begin increasing your knowledge of another language immediately. With it’s truly unique, customizable interface you can choose from a variety of options to make it function just the way you want - including a choice of up to 5 different display languages. Incorporating three stages of general vocabulary and Business, Computer, Medical, and Legal terminology, LingvoSoft Flashcards lets you learn the language you need to be successful. Integration with LingvoSoft Dictionary 2007 and PhraseBook 2007 also allows you to easily increase the amount of words and phrases you can learn by importing them from these optional applications making this an almost limitless utility. With its easy to understand instructions, indispensable English Grammar section and language information for 40 languages, this essential tool is designed to grow along with you. Features:
  • Customizable multilingual English, French, Spanish, Spanish and Spanish interface
  • Language information included for nearly 40 languages plus English Grammar
  • Five learning games: Review It!, Pair It!, Guess It!, Recall It! and Type It!
  • Bi-directional learning available
  • Full integration with LingvoSoft Dictionary and LingvoSoft PhraseBook software
  • User Dictionary (Add, Create, Edit)
  • Adjustable random or sorted word order, font size
  • Dictionary and word statistics available
  • Remove previously learned or unnecessary words
  • Any dictionary may be set as the default. Words from LingvoSoft Dictionary and LingvoSoft PhraseBook will then be added into this dictionary.
Also, don’t miss the LingvoSoft FlashCards Builder ? the easy way to create your own personal FlashCards sets from text files as well as from clipboard bits. Memorize the words you need with LingvoSoft FlashCards and FlashCards Builder. The LingvoSoft FlashCards Builder is available to all LingvoSoft users, free of charge.

If you have Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition please download and try the LingvoSoft English-Spanish FlashCards 2006 for Pocket PC

To make sure this software application will properly function on your unit, please download and test its Trial Version!

LingvoSoft English-Spanish FlashCards 2007 for Pocket PC, compatible Devices

Att Cingular 8125, Att Cingular 8525, AT&T Palm Treo 750, Acer n300, Acer n310, Acer N311, Alltel HTC PPC6800, Alltel Palm Treo 700wx, Alltel UTStarcom PPC6700, Asus Mypal A636, Asus Mypal A639, Asus P535, Audiovox Ppc 6700, BenQ P51, Dell Axim X51, Dell Axim X51v, Dopod 818 Pro, Dopod 838, Dopod 838 Pro, Dopod 900, Dopod D810, E-ten G500, E-TEN Glofiish M700, E-TEN Glofiish X500, E-ten M600, Fujitsu Pocket Loox C550, Fujitsu Pocket Loox N500, Fujitsu Pocket Loox N520, Fujitsu Pocket Loox N560, Fujitsu Pocket Loox T810, Fujitsu Pocket Loox T830, Hp Ipaq Hw6900 Series, HP iPAQ rw6815, HP iPAQ rw6828, Hp Ipaq Rx1950 Series, Hp Ipaq Rx5915, HTC Advantage X7500/7501, HTC P3300, HTC P3350, HTC P3600, HTC P4300, HTC P4350, HTC P6300, HTC TyTN, HTC Wizard, Mio A201, Mio A701, Mio P350, Mio P550, O2 Xda Atom, O2 Xda Exec, O2 Xda Neo, O2 Xda Orbit, O2 Xda Trion, O2 Xda Mini S, Orange Spv M3000, Orange SPV M3100, Orange Spv M5000, Orange Spv M600, Orange SPV M700, Ppc-6700, Palm Treo 700wx, Palm Treo 750, Palm Treo 750v, Qtek 9000, Qtek 9100, Qtek 9600, Qtek G100, Qtek S200, Samsung I710, Sprint IP-830W, Sprint Palm Treo 700wx, T-mobile Mda, T-mobile Mda Compact Ii, T-Mobile MDA Compact III, T-mobile Mda Pro, T-mobile Mda Vario, T-Mobile MDA Vario II, UBiQUiO 401, UBiQUiO 501, Verizon Palm Treo 700w, Verizon Palm Treo 700wx, Verizon Xv6700, Vodafone Vpa Compact Ii, Vodafone Vpa Iv, Vodafone v1605, Vodafone v1640, I-mate Jamin, i-mate JASJAM, I-mate Jasjar, I-mate K-jam, i-mate PDA-N

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